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How a review in Prescrire is produced

 ABOUT PRESCRIRE  Prescrire's reviews, written by specially trained healthcare professionals, are based on an exhaustive search of the literature, and undergo scrutiny by a large panel of outside reviewers plus rigorous quality control procedures.

Rédacteur PrescrireAll the reviews published in Prescrire (aside from a few clearly labelled exceptions, such as readers' letters) are written by Prescrire's Editorial Staff. Prescrire does not publish unsolicited manuscripts from outside contributors.

The production of reviews draws upon a wide range of skills, all exercised under the supervision of Prescrire's Editor. This team approach is reflected in the collective byline "©Prescrire".

Written and edited by healthcare professionals
Prescrire's editors are physicians (both general practitioners and specialists, in individual practice or on hospital staff), pharmacists (working in pharmacies or hospitals), nurses and dentists. A few are economists or journalists with specific expertise in the area of healthcare. All Prescrire editors have received extensive in-house training in Prescrire's editorial production process.

Editors free from conflicts of interest
The absence of any direct or indirect financial links to the pharmaceutical industry or to healthcare products in general is an absolute requirement to be a member of the Prescrire team. Any such link is cause for dismissal from the Prescrire Editorial Staff.

A vast network of reviewers
Once they are in an advanced stage of editing and quality control, all draft reviews are sent to outside reviewers (10 to 40 reviewers read each draft at this stage).

These reviewers critique each article in terms of content, style, relevance, newsworthiness, presentation of arguments and usefulness in daily practice. The reviewers are specialists in the subject being discussed, methodologists, or healthcare professionals representative of Prescrire's readers (and chosen from their midst).
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