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The annual Prescrire Awards are given out in Paris: 3 winning drugs, but no "Pilule d'Or"

Palmarès des médicaments de Prescrire The independent French medical journal Prescrire announced its Drug Awards for 2017, at its yearly awards ceremony in Paris. One drug made the "Honours List" and two others were recognised as "Noteworthy".

Every month, the independent French journal Prescrire publishes systematic, independent analyses of the available evidence regarding new drugs, newly authorised indications for drugs already on the market, and new forms of existing drugs. The goal is to single out, amidst the multitude of new products, those which represent genuine progress for patients, and those which ought to be avoided.

In 2017 some 92 such analyses of the clinical evidence relating to drugs were carried out by Prescrire's Editorial Staff: a yearly review of the findings appears in the February issue of the French edition, and will be published in English in Prescrire International in April.

In 2017, for the third consecutive year, no drug was found to represent the kind of major therapeutic advance that would justify a "Pilule d'Or" ("Golden Pill") award.

Three drugs did receive awards.

  • Asfotase alfa (Strensiq°) in perinatal and infantile forms of the rare disease hypophosphatasia was added to the "Honours List", meaning that it represents a clear advance for some patients compared with existing therapeutic options, albeit with limitations.

A rating of "Noteworthy" designates drugs which provide a modest improvement in patient care, in certain situations. This year two drugs received this distinction:

  • Perjeta° (pertuzumab) in metastatic breast cancer, in combination with trastuzumab and docetaxel, in certain patients; and
  • Truvada° (emtricitabine + ténofovir disoproxil) in the prevention of HIV transmission in patients at high risk.

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"The Prescrire Awards for 2017" Prescrire Int 2018; 27 (191): 79-83. (Pdf, free)

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The Prescrire
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