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No conflicts of interest

Prescrire operates in complete independence from industry, government and other outside influences

Reliable, independent information

Prescrire = no conflicts of interestIn order to deliver the best possible care, healthcare professionals need to base their work and their decisions on reliable and independent information. Prescrire's pioneering "Non merci..." Charter enumerates all the influences to which healthcare professionals and patients are exposed. Signatories pledge to promote quality care, and to act to distance themselves from these influences. The Charter is signed every year by all members of Association Mieux Prescrire. To read the "Non merci..." Charter online, click here.

   > Download the "Non merci..." Charter (pdf)

No conflicts of interest for the managers and all the members of Editorial Staff

Every year, Prescrire's managers, the members of the Editorial Staff and the directors of Association Mieux Prescrire sign a personal statement of absence of conflicts of interest.

> Declaration of Absence of Conflicts of Interest (pdf)

The hallmarks of independence are not just petty details

Association Mieux Prescrire has taken precautions to protect itself against conflicts of interest of any kind:

  • AMP does not sell, lease or otherwise transfer subscribers' addresses to any other persons or organisations;
  • AMP does not accept subscriptions paid for by pharmaceutical companies on behalf of healthcare professionals;
  • AMP does not accept bulk sales of subscriptions to trade unions or professional groups;
  • Prescrire staff do not accept any gifts from pharmaceutical companies. They do not accept any invitations, and do not participate in any sponsored trips;
  • Prescrire is self-supporting and meets all its own needs, including research materials;
  • Prescrire bases its work on clinical trial data, and not on promotional materials;
  • Prescrire carefully checks information provided by pharmaceutical companies, by medical experts and by other sources that are potentially subject to influence.

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