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What readers say about Prescrire

Prescrire is written and edited by and for healthcare professionals. Prescrire is entirely independent and its editors are free from any ties to industry or other outside influences. These are a few quotes from readers describing what they get out of their subscription to Prescrire.

  •  "Your work gives me the skills I need to do my job"
    V. – Hospital Pharmacist
  • "Thank you for making sure that the patient remains the centre of attention"
    D. – General Practitioner
  • "Thank you for systematically dismantling everything that would appear to be "obvious", so that we can see what's really inside!"
    B. – Hospital Pharmacist
  • "Prescrire has often lifted my spirits regarding the usefulness of being a general practitioner"
    K. – General Practitioner
  • "Prescrire has helped me to stay abreast of the many changes in medications that affect my work as an anaethaesiologist"
    W. – Anaesthesiologist
  • "I use Prescrire as a tool to maintain my general medical knowledge"
    S. – General Practitioner
  • "I encourage my fellow gynaecologists to read Prescrire. Without it, I would feel like I was practicing medicine in a vacuum!"
    P. – Gynaecologist
  • "Congratulations for the consistent quality of your work to keep general practitioners informed of the truth about pharmaceutical products"
    R. – Hospital Staff Physician
  • "Reading Prescrire has really helped me in my career"
    G. – Pharmacist
  • "I apprecate your intellectual and financial courage, in protecting us — doctors and patients alike — from the "indelicacies" of pharmaceutical companies and their consequences "
    R. – General Practitioner

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Source: Selected excerpts from readers' letters. Our translation where applicable.