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Wholly self-financed through subscriptions, Prescrire makes its accounts public every year

Association Mieux Prescrire, a non-profit continuing education organisation, enjoys complete financial independence. Prescrire accepts no advertising, grants or outside support of any kind, and publishes its financial statements every year.

About PrescrireAssociation Mieux Prescrire is a non-profit organisation for the continuing education of healthcare professionals, under the French law of 1901. This structure reflects the intention to provide a service to healthcare professionals, and not become a commercial publisher.

Prescrire is wholly self-supporting through subscriptions, without any advertising revenue or other outside support of any kind. Prescrire does not produce "sponsored" supplements, and turns down any disguised gifts such as subscriptions for healthcare practitioners paid for by pharmaceutical companies. This is, practically speaking, the only way to speak with total freedom about the value of diagnostic and therapeutic tools, as well as the policies of the Ministry of Health, regulatory agencies, the health insurance system, or medical and pharmaceutical professional groups.

Independent from industrial interests
In France and elsewhere, almost all medical and pharmaceutical publications are largely financed through advertising, and may become totally dependent on advertising revenue. The presence of advertising inserts or "advertorials", of pharmaceutical industry press releases or transcripts of press conferences take up a greater or a lesser proportion of space in these publications. All of this creates a great deal of confusion and compromise, which Prescrire has decided to avoid altogether.

No sale of customer data, no conflicts of interest
Association Mieux Prescrire has taken precautions to protect itself against conflicts of interest of any kind:

  • AMP does not sell, lease or otherwise transfer subscribers' addresses to any other persons or organisations;
  • AMP does not accept subscriptions paid for by pharmaceutical companies on behalf of healthcare professionals;
  • AMP does not accept bulk sales of subscriptions to trade unions or professional groups;
  • Prescrire staff do not accept any gifts from pharmaceutical companies. They do not accept any invitations, and do not participate in any sponsored trips;
  • Prescrire is self-supporting and meets all its own needs, including research materials;
  • Prescrire bases its work on clinical trial data, and not on promotional materials;
  • Prescrire carefully checks information provided by pharmaceutical companies, by medical experts and by other sources that are potentially subject to influence. 

A strict policy on "reprints"
Prescrire produces very few reprints and is careful not to depend on them financially. Only the cost of printing and a reasonable copyright fee are charged. Reprints are marked "Reproduced with permission from Prescrire and without financial compensation".
> Charter governing reprints of texts from a Prescrire publication (pdf)

Transparency of financial statements
Prescrire publishes its annual financial report every year in its March issue, with the report in English published every June.
> Latest financial report (pdf)

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