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Who are we?

Prescrire is a non-profit continuing education organisation, committed to better patient care

Prescrire and Prescrire International provide independent information, by and for healthcare professionals.

Revue PrescrireSince 1981, Prescrire has provided healthcare professionals – and via them, patients – with the clear, comprehensive and reliable information they need about drugs and therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.

Prescrire publishes a monthly journal in French, and an international edition in English 11 times a year.

Prescrire offers continuing education programmes specifically adapted to the needs of healthcare professionals.

A non-profit organisation, Prescrire is wholly financed by its subscribers, and accepts no advertising or other outside support.

Prescrire International Reliable and relevant content

Prescrire has the editorial and research capabilities necessary to ensure the accuracy of its reviews. Prescrire's editors are healthcare professionals, specially trained in Prescrire's editorial methods and free from conflicts of interest. Exacting quality control procedures are applied to all editorial content.

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Independent information

The Association Mieux Prescrire (AMP), a non-profit organisation registered under the French law of 1901, manages all of Prescrire's programmes and publications. It is structured so as to be free of any influence from the pharmaceutical industry, health authorities and health insurers.

Prescrire's purpose is stated in Article 1 of the bylaws of the Association Mieux Prescrire (AMP):
"To work, in all independence, in favour of quality healthcare, first and foremost in the interest of patients (...)."

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