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Prescrire events

Prescrire organises several annual or bi-annual events, all free of advertising or other outside support

Prescrire Awards
Every year in January, Prescrire organises the “Pilule d’Or” (“Golden Pill”) ceremony, where the annual Prescrire Awards for drugs, drug packaging and information are presented. Every year at this ceremony a conference-debate is organised on a subject related to public health.
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Prescrire Prize
Every year in early October, Prescrire awards a prize for books or other publications chosen from amongst  those reviewed in Prescrire during the past year, and which are particularly thought-provoking or useful in the area of health and healthcare.
> More information on the 2021 Prescrire Prize

Les Rencontres-débats Prescrire
Every January, Prescrire organises a half-day event in which guests from different parts of the healthcare arena get together to exchange ideas around a topic of current interest.
> More information on the Rencontres-débats Prescrire (in French)

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