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Refer a friend or colleague

Want to tell a friend or colleague about Prescrire International?

Help disseminate independent, quality information, in the best interest of patients.

Independent Information
How does it work?
If you are a subscriber   If you are not a subscriber
Click "Refer a friend" below to download the form and send it back, along with your details and your friend or colleague's payment      Click "Become an Ambassador" below and fill in the online form 
You will receive an e-mail you can pass along to your friends or colleagues.
Refer a friend   Become an Ambassador
Why you should do it:

Your friend or colleague gets a special rate: 15 euros off
the price of their first subscription to Prescrire International

You get a discount of 15 euros off your next subscription to Prescrire International

  Why you should do it:

It's a fast and easy way to spread the word about Prescrire International

Your friends and colleagues get a special rate on their subscription

You get a FREE, one-year subscription to Prescrire International if 10 or more of your friends or colleagues subscribe
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