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Prescrire's masthead

For every issue of Prescrire and Prescrire International, the masthead lists the names of all staff members, plus the members of the outside panels who reviewed the contents.

A publication's "masthead" is the list of persons who worked on an issue. Prescrire's masthead is unusual in that, for each issue, it includes a large number of outside reviewers, alongside members of the Prescrire team.

For any given issue of Prescrire or Prescrire International, the masthead includes the names of all staff members, as well as the members of the outside panels who reviewed the articles published in that issue. To download the latest masthead, see the
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Prescrire reviewers: several hundred every year
The three groups of outside reviewers complement each other: healthcare professionals who specialise in the subject under discussion; persons chosen for their ability to critique the presentation and coherence of arguments; healthcare professionals drawn from amongst Prescrire's readers (doctors and pharmacists, general practitioners and specialists, in individual practice or on hospital staff, nurses, pharmacists' assistants, dentists, physical therapists, etc.).

Reviewers' groups are assembled on a "custom" basis for each text. Each group is made up of 10 to 40 persons from outside Prescrire's Editorial Staff, depending on the nature and scope of the proposed article. Members of the Editorial Staff are added to round out the reviewers' groups, both for their own expertise and to ensure proper coordination between the sections. Professionals who represent pharmaceutical companies are not invited to participate.
> How a review in Prescrire is produced (pdf, 163 Ko).

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