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The Prescrire Awards for 2015

The Prescrire Information Awards for 2015

The Prescrire Information Awards for 2015

Palmarès de l'information

The Information Awards focus on
the information provided to Prescrire
by the companies whose products
we examined in the New Products section
of our French edition in 2015. 


         Honours List

                  (in alphabetical order)
EG Labo, Lucane Pharma
Arrow Génériques, Codexial Dermatologie, GlaxoSmithKline

Red Cards

(in alphabetical order)
Allergan, Bayer Healthcare (Pharmaceuticals), Biogen Idec, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Crinex, Gilead Sciences, Meda Pharma, Menarini, Pfizer


About the 2015 Information Awards
Pharmaceutical companies hold a wealth of information on the drugs they market or withdraw from the market. They have a responsibility to share this information, in part to help ensure that their drugs are used appropriately and to protect patients from certain risks.

As part of its systematic literature search, Prescrire requests clinical data, packaging, and administrative and regulatory information from drug companies, then compares them with information obtained from other sources. Prescrire's Information Awards reflect how each company assumes this responsibility to share information.

Still too little transparency on the part of drug companies in 2015
On the whole, pharmaceutical companies supply Prescrire with a lot of information, some new and some that we have obtained elsewhere. But they are less cooperative when asked to provide relevant, detailed documentation containing unpublished data, which for example could include details about adverse effects.

Some companies choose to be transparent. These companies are placed on the Honours List. And those rated as "Outstanding" provided us with useful, detailed data without delay and sometimes without being asked.

Other companies fail to respond to some or all of our requests for information, or provide only limited data. Some of them delay their response, then fail to provide usable information. Some omit the most important data. Red Cards are given to highlight persistent shortcomings in the provision of information by certain drug companies.

In 2015, few pharmaceutical companies embraced transparency by agreeing to share with health professionals all the data they hold, in particular data on adverse effects.

Whenever we examine a new drug or indication, the review is accompanied by one of four pictograms rating the transparency of the company concerned for their response to our request for information about their product.
Information approfondie   Information restreinte   Information minimale    Rétention d'information
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