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Transparent, independent health authorities: Actions vis-à-vis regulatory agencies
The European Medicines Agency Road Map to 2015: Independence should be the priority (Joint Contribution to EMA Consultation, April 2010)

Joint contribution to the public consultation
Brussels, 30 April 2010

HAI Europe, ISDB and Medicines in Europe Forum answer to EMA’s public consultation on its road map to 2015.

They denounce a number of practices that create conflicts of interest, among them:

  • over 80% direct funding by pharmaceutical companies (fees);
  •  the generalisation of "scientific advices", advices provided to pharmaceutical companies by the EMA with the payment of fees, presented as a mechanism to reach agreement on how to prepare and submit a successful market authorisation dossier;
  • lack of transparency.

According to them, the Agency’s financial and intellectual independence from pharmaceutical companies should be the priority if the EMA is to improve its accountability to citizens.

> Click here to download the Joint Consultation (pdf, 234Ko).

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