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Prescrire's Solidarity Support Programme: facilitating access to reliable and independent information around the world

Helping healthcare professionals in countries with insufficient financial resources and those training to become healthcare professionals to obtain quality, independent information.

Abonnés solidaires Prescrire

Prescrire's Solidarity Support Programme has been raising funds from Prescrire subscribers since 1993. These donations help to provide independent therapeutic and pharmacological information to healthcare professionals who do not have access to sufficient economic resources in their countries. Since 2016, the Solidarity Support Programme has been broadened to include initiatives aiming to promote a culture of professional independence within the educational system, without conditions regarding the level of economic resources of the country.

2019: diversification of the aid allocated

For 2019, aid totalled 20 562 euros. It took diverse forms:

  • subscriptions to Prescrire or Prescrire International (in English) for healthcare professionals working in Africa, Asia or Latin America.
  • renewal of subscriptions to the "Martindale" clinical pharmacology reference, for drug bulletins independent from pharmaceutical companies, and who are doing work on drugs and therapeutics in lower-income countries.
  • financial contribution to work on the "Ecuadorian Pharmacotherapeutic Vademecum", based on information from Prescrire and from the Belgian "Répertoire commenté des médicaments". This work reflects local clinical practice guides and the Ecuadorian list of essential medicines, adapted from that of the WHO.
  • financial aid to the French national association of medical students (ANEMF) to produce a digital application facilitating access to the information contained in the booklet "Pourquoi garder son indépendance face aux laboratoires pharmaceutiques" produced by La Troupe du rire (details in French > HERE).

Warm thanks to our donors

In 2019, support from donors (8 496 euros) increased by 5% compared to 2018. Most of the donations came from purchase vouchers granted in exchange for referrals of new subscribers or for reviewing texts.

Our warm thanks to the 193 donors for their contributions. The unused reserves from prior years provided the extra resources needed to finance the programme's increased activities in 2019.

Prescrire encourages subscribers to submit names of healthcare professionals, organisations or projects that might benefit from aid under the Solidarity Support Programme.

Should you wish to suggest new beneficiaries for the programme, or to send a donation, please write to contact@prescrire.org or to Prescrire - Abonnés Solidaires, 83 boulevard Voltaire, 75558 Paris Cedex 11, France

Donations may be made by direct debit, by bank transfer or by cheque to the order of Association Mieux Prescrire.

For more information:

> Programme rules

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