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A global network

International Society of Drug Bulletins

Prescrire is a founding member of the International Society of Drug Bulletins, a worldwide network of independent drug and therapeutics bulletins.

Founded in 1986, the International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB), is a world-wide network of more than 30 bulletins and journals on drugs and therapeutics that are independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

Prescrire has been a member of the ISDB since its inception in 1986. Since the 2012 General Assembly in Canada, Prescrire is a member of the ISDB's Committee and remains in charge of the library of ISDB bulletins, as well as making an important contribution in terms of logistics.

A network of cooperation
Member publications pursue common goals that are well known to Prescrire subscribers: publishing information on drugs and other treatment options that is as reliable and as useful as possible; working for change at a societal level in order to improve the quality of healthcare; etc.

They also share an interest in developing methods for literature search, training of editorial staff, and achieving the greatest possible circulation.

One of the ISDB's key goals is to foster exchanges, in order to benefit from one another's experience. To do this, the ISDB organises a General Assembly (every three years), as well as seminars which can lead to publications of global importance (the Paris Declaration on therapeutic advance, the Berlin Declaration on pharmacovigilance, etc.).

An active lobbying network
In order to counteract the growing influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the actors in the healthcare system, ISDB lobbies for change, in conjuntion with other European and international organisations:

  • initiatives to better serve the common good, in conjunction with Health Action International, patient groups independent of the pharmaceutial industry and the Medicines in Europe Forum;
  • actions in favour of greater transparency in healthcare authorities and in favour of pharmacovigilance that caters to the needs of patients;
  • intitiatives to foster independence for healthcare professionals ("Non merci...");
  • actions in favour of the use of International Nonproprietary Names (INN);
  • etc.

These actions, over the long term, all contribute to the defense of quality healthcare and of patients' interests.

For more information: www.isdbweb.org

> Download the Paris Declaration on therapeutic advance (pdf)

> Download the Berlin Declaration on pharmacovigilance (pdf)

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