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Terms of use

Conditions of Use

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The information available online at www.prescrire.org, like all of Prescrire's productions, is produced collectively by the Prescrire editorial team. This information is based on a comprehensive review of data from clinical evaluations. The texts are signed with the collective copyright ©Prescrire, which reflects the collective manner in which the texts are produced. The sources are indicated at the end of each text.

Only Prescrire subscribers have access to all the information on the Site. Registered subscribers may download a maximum of 15 reserved documents per 24-hour period. There is no limit on the number of downloads of documents marked "Free".

The information publicly available on the Prescrire website is of a general nature. It in no way reduces the need for patients to seek personalised medical attention from the healthcare system. Prescrire does not respond to any personal requests for information.

Prescrire aims to ensure that the Site's pages are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however, access may be interrupted, including for maintenance or updating. Prescrire reserves the right to discontinue or to change the characteristics of the Site's pages at any time, with no advance warning.

Independence and financing
Prescrire accepts no advertising and no grants from any public or private source. Prescrire is wholly financed by subscribers to its productions, with no income whatsoever derived from advertising revenue, government subsidies or the purchase of subscriptions by outside companies. Every year Prescrire publishes its accounts. The members of Prescrire's Editorial Staff sign a yearly declaration stating that they are free from any conflict of interest that is contrary to the aims of Association Mieux Prescrire.

Prescrire holds exclusive copyright to the site and all its content. All information, texts and images appearing on the site are under copyright. They may not be reproduced without permission.

Individual subscribers to Prescrire or Prescrire International may reproduce texts which they have downloaded or otherwise reproduced from the site, in the context of limited distribution, in small quantities, for non-commercial purposes.

Any use on an internet site, or an online forum or distribution list, is prohibited, except with the written permission of Prescrire management.

Links to other websites
Prescrire does not allow the pages of its website to be included in other websites.

Computers and privacy - personal data
This website is registered with France's "Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés" (CNIL), under the number 811034, as required by Article 16 of France's law of 6 January 1978 on on computers, digital information and personal liberty.

As required by this law, individuals have rights pertaining to the personal data collected, including a right of access (Articles 34 to 38 of the law), of correction (Article 36) and of opposition (Article 26). In order to exercise these rights, please write to: Prescrire 83 boulevard Voltaire F-75558 Paris Cedex 11, France.

The online services of the Prescrire internet site require a specific online registration. The personal data required for this registration are already present in the user's subscription data. The only additional information required is the E-mail address.

The personal data gathered via this site is not available to the public nor is it sold or rented to any third parties.

In order to facilitate navigation on the site (for example to optimise the Site for different web browsers) or to gather statistics (for example to estimate the number of visits to the Site), Prescrire may collect data concerning the users' computer equipment (for example, web browser, IP address), including via "cookies" deposited on the user's hard drive. These cookies do not contain any private information which might reveal the user's identity.

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