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Terms of use

Terms of sale

Association Mieux Prescrire (hereafter "AMP") is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901. Its mission is to work, in all independence, in favour of quality healthcare, first and foremost in the interest of patients.

AMP publishes the journal Prescrire International, as well as the French journal La revue Prescrire, an application for subscribers to the French journal, and various continuing education programmes in French, as well as books and other publications. AMP also publishes the websites english.prescrire.org and www.prescrire.org, portions of which are open to the public.

Registered address:
Association Mieux Prescrire
83 boulevard Voltaire
75558 Paris Cedex 11
Tel. (33) (0)1 49 23 72 80

Registered Association n° 86/431 published in France’s Journal Officiel on 21/01/1987

Registered number (SIREN) 340 647 619

AMP offers its products for sale via an online subscription module (hereafter the "Subscription Module"), available online at http://english.prescrire.org and www.prescrire.org

This module, coming online progressively in 2019, allows users to subscribe online to AMP’s publications, to purchase one of AMP’s continuing education programmes, as well to purchase other publications in French produced by AMP.

The present Terms of Sale describe the conditions applying to subscriptions to the English edition Prescrire International.

The terms of sale applying to AMP's French-language publications, online services and continuing education programmes are available in French > HERE

For the purposes of this document, AMP and the customer are referred to as “the Parties”.

Should specific terms of sale differing from these general Terms of Sale be agreed between AMP and the customer, those terms shall override these general terms.

1. Guarantees and responsibility

1.1 AMP is 100% funded by its subscribers, with no revenue from advertising or from grants. Its editorial choices are therefore determined exclusively by AMP’s stated mission.

Every year, AMP provides an update on its financial situation in all transparency. This annual financial statement is freely available in English on the website english.prescrire.org

AMP’s bylaws specifically stipulate that its members must work against conflicts of interest, in accordance with Prescrire’s "Non Merci…" Charter, which is part of AMP’s internal operating procedures. The association’s managers, the Publishing Director, members of the Editorial Staff and project managers are required to sign a yearly declaration of absence of conflicts of interest.

1.2 All of Prescrire’s publications are produced collectively by the editorial team. They are based on systematic review of clinical evaluation data. Texts are signed with the collective byline ©Prescrire, which reflects the collective manner in which they are produced. Sources are generally cited at the end of each text.

2. Security

2.1 AMP agrees to take all precautions to safeguard the security of information supplied by customers, and to prevent any distortion, damage or spread of this information to outside parties.

2.2 Information provided by the customer when placing an order and paying by credit card are subjected to automated data processing by AMP’s specialised partner: Ingenico. This automated processing is designed to allow transactions to be analysed and to combat credit card fraud as well as usurpation and unauthorised use of the customer’s identity.

More information regarding Ingenico is available online at payment-services.ingenico.com or from:

Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SAS
28-32 Boulevard de Grenelle
F-75015 Paris
Tel. (33) (0)1 58 01 80 00
Fax (33) (0)1 58 01 92 35
E-mail: salesfr.ecom@ingenico.com

Online payment terms are subject to the conditions stipulated by Ingenico. Information regarding Ingenico’s privacy policies and charter are available by clicking the links located at the bottom of the page during the online payment transaction.

AMP is not materially able to access the customer data used during online payment transactions, including credit card numbers or any other payment details, and cannot store any such data.

3. Orders

3.1 Payment is due immediately upon placement of an order. The Customer may pay via the Subscription Module via direct debit order or by credit or debit card.

3.2 AMP does not accept third-party payment by a commercial company for a subscription for a healthcare professional.

3.3 By clicking the button "CONFIRM YOUR ORDER" the Customer agrees to the order. The data recorded by AMP constitutes proof of the commercial transaction concluded between AMP and the customer. The data recorded by the payment module constitute proof of the financial transaction.

3.4 AMP confirms the sale via an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

3.5 AMP reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding the payment of a prior order.

3.6 At the end of the order process, customers who purchase a subscription to Prescrire International and thus have online rights to the “subscriber only” content of the english.prescrire.org website, in order to access this content, must input their login (e-mail address) and password (see section 4 below).

The terms of sale applying to AMP's French-language publications, online services and continuing education programmes are available in French > HERE

Customers may at any time modify their login and password by clicking the "My Prescrire" button at the top right of the pages of the english.prescrire.org website.

3.7 Issues are sent to the delivery address provided by the customer during the order.

AMP will make every effort to deliver orders in a timely manner, but any delivery times given are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed.

For a subscription within mainland France, the first issue is generally received within 3 weeks. Maximum time to delivery of first issue in mainland France: 10 weeks.

Once the subscription has begun, issues are sent on a periodic basis, at the publication date.

3.8 If the order includes access to subscriber-only online content, such access is available immediately.

The terms of sale applying to AMP's French-language publications, online services and continuing education programmes are available in French > HERE

3.9 For any services sold by AMP and subject to a right of withdrawal, the customer has 14 days from the date of the placement of the order in order to cancel the order and receive reimbursement. Should this right of withdrawal be exercised within this time period, only the price of the goods purchased and any related delivery costs will be reimbursed: cost of returning the goods is to be borne by the customer. No cash-on-delivery orders will be accepted for any reason. Goods must be returned in their original condition and fit for sale, along with a copy of the sales invoice. Reimbursement will be processed within 30 days of the receipt of the request. If the right of withdrawal is exercised with respect to a subscription to a periodical or enrolment in a continuing education programme, the withdrawal of the order will result in cancellation of the subscription or of the enrolment in the education programme.

3.10 All publications presented in the online Subscription Module are subject to availability.

If for reasons beyond the control of AMP the goods ordered are not available, the customer will be advised of the time required for reprinting, or will be reimbursed.

3.11 Delays or failure to fulfil orders due to force majeure will not give rise to payment of damages of any kind.

3.12 In accordance with applicable law, any transactions between the customer and AMP of an amount exceeding 120 euros will be archived by AMP for the period of 10 years. In order to have access to archived information, please contact Subscriber Services as described in section 3.13

3.13 Any requests for information should be addressed to Prescrire’s Subscriber Services, via e-mail to relationsabonnes@prescrire.org or by telephone
(33) (0)1 49 23 72 86 Monday-Thursday 9:30-12:30 and 2-5pm, Friday 9:30-12:30 and 2-4pm (Paris time), and excluding any exceptional office closures.

4. Registration for online services

4.1 Only subscribers having purchased a subscription to the French edition La revue Prescrire with its Application are entitled to access to the Application.

4.2 Only subscribers to Prescrire International are entitled to access the full content of the english.prescrire.org website, including access to download texts published in Prescrire International going back to its first issue (published in 1992) and up to a limit of 15 texts per 24-hour period.

NB: Documents that are labelled “Free” do not count against this limit.

Only subscribers to La revue Prescrire are entitled to full access to online content at www.prescrire.org including download of content published in La revue Prescrire going back to its first issue (published in 1981), and up to a limit of 15 texts per 24-hour period.

NB: Documents that are labelled “Libre” as well as certain other texts are not counted against this limit.

4.3 A customer is registered on a Prescrire website if they have:

  • purchased a subscription or continuing education programme including such access
  • filled in the online form to choose a login (e-mail address) and password
  • accepted the present Terms of Sale
  • received confirmation of their order.

The order is confirmed automatically online at the end of the registration process, or via e-mail to the address provided.

4.4 The customer’s online privileges depend upon the nature of the order. These online privileges allow access to online content or services, as defined by AMP and according to the order placed by the customer.

Access to these online services requires use of the login and password chosen by the customer during online registration or during the order process.

The terms of sale applying to AMP's French-language publications, online services and continuing education programmes are available in French > HERE

4.5 The account password is personal and confidential. The customer is responsible for any use of this password. The customer agrees to keep this password secret and not to divulge it in any manner. Should this occur, AMP will not be responsible for any unauthorised use by third parties.

5. Continuing education programmes

AMP's continuing education programmes are available in French only.

Details available in French > HERE

6. Cancellation of a subscription

6.1 To cancel a subscription to Prescrire International, send a written request to:

Subscriber Services
83 boulevard Voltaire
75558 Paris Cedex 11

The cancellation will be effective at the end of the current contract.

The terms of sale applying to AMP's French-language publications, online services and continuing education programmes are available in French > HERE

7. Rates and billing

7.1 The rates for Prescrire’s publications are revised each year on the first of September. Order payment shall be carried out in accordance with the rates and procedures as published on the Prescrire website.

7.2 All rates are inclusive of VAT.

VAT number: FR 48 340647619

7.3 Specific rates are applicable for students. The application of the student rate is subject to the production of current proof of the customer’s situation. Renewal of the student rate is subject to proof that the customer still qualifies.

7.4 AMP offers special rates when subscribers to Prescrire International refer a friend or colleague. Details available > HERE

7.5 When a customer who has been referred by a subscriber becomes a new subscriber to Prescrire International, and wishes to benefit from the special rate, they must provide the referring subscriber’s subscriber number with their order. The discount will be automatically deducted from the amount of the order.

7.6 For each new customer referred, the referring subscriber receives a Prescrire Discount Certificate. This certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
The Prescrire Discount Certificate received by the referring subscriber can be used either:

  • to be deducted from the price of an order placed with AMP;
  • to make a donation to Prescrire’s ‘Solidarity Support’ programme

If the Discount Certificate has not been used within 12 months of being issued, Prescrire reserves the right to automatically donate it to the Solidarity Support Programme.
Information on the Solidarity Support programme is available > HERE

The Discount Certificate may be used only once. Several Prescrire Discount Certificates can be used in combination. If the amount of the order is greater than the amount of the Discount Certificates, the customer pays the difference. If the amount of the order is less than the total amount of the Discount Certificates, the customer should contact Prescrire’s Subscriber Services (see section 3.13 above).

8. Modification of the Terms of Sale. Settlement of disputes.

8.1 The Terms of Sale are available online and may be modified at any time at the sole discretion of AMP, without any formality other than the publication of the revised terms online.

8.2 The present Terms of Sale are subject to French law.

8.3 In the case of a dispute arising from the interpretation or application of the present Terms of Sale, the Parties agree to endeavour to arrive at an amicable resolution. Should an amicable resolution be impossible, the dispute will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris courts.

©Prescrire February 2019