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The Prescrire Awards for 2007

The 2007 Prescrire Awards for Drugs, Packaging and Information

The 2007 Prescrire Packaging Awards

The Packaging Awards focus on the packaging quality of drugs evaluated during the previous year in the New Products section of our French edition (issue 279 to 290 for 2007).

Codenfan° sirop
Bouchara Recordati
For the excellent design of the packaging, which is well-adapted for paediatric use: the pharmaceutical formulation and drug concentration are adapted to children; the bottle is equipped with a safety cap and an oral spoon-shaped cylinder graduated in milligrams of codeine, making it easier to prepare and administer the precise dose; and the information provided in the patient leaflet has been improved (la revue Prescrire n° 287).
Dexafree° eye drops
Théa (dexamethasone)
For the lack of information provided on the labelling on the plastic ampoules and the absence of the international nonproprietary name (INN) and red line to show that this drug is on the list of toxic substances; as the same type of ampoule is used for other eye drops, the labelling should clearly identify this steroid (la revue Prescrire 290).
Euraxsepti° solution for local application
Novartis Santé Familiale (chlorhexidine)
The route of administration is not mentioned on labelling on the plastic ampoules, creating a risk that patients will confuse this antiseptic solution with eye drops for example, when it is in fact designed for cutaneous application (la revue Prescrire 287).
Actifedduo LP rhinite allergique° tablets
Pfizer Santé Grand Public
(cetirizine + pseudoephedrine)
For the absence of the INNs on the tablets of a product, designed for self-medication and part of an umbrella brand (a), creating a risk of confusion with potentially serious consequences (la revue Prescrire 283).
Dextroref° Gé capsules Chemical Farma
+ paracetamol)
For the absence of the INN on the tablets of this generic, exposing patients to a risk of error and overdose in case of concurrent use of other products containing this analgesic combination, with potentially severe adverse effects (la revue Prescrire 279).
Strefen° pastilles to suck Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare
These tablets look like children’s sweets, when in fact they contain a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), exposing patients to adverse effects; the patient leaflet fails to mention other marketed NSAIDs, thereby failing to protect patients against drug interactions, particularly during self-medication (la revue Prescrire 281).
Primperan enfants et nourrissons° oral drops
Sanofi Aventis
For the lack of an accurate dosing device for this neuroleptic used to treat gastrointestinal disorders in young children, and for the lack of a child-proof cap, creating a risk of massive ingestion by children and a risk of neurological disorders (la revue Prescrire 288).
Toplexil sans sucre°
oral solution
Sanofi Aventis OTC
For the lack of a child-proof cap, even though this solution contains a sedative psychotropic and has an attractive caramel flavour, creating a risk of massive ingestion by children (la revue Prescrire 284).
Vaccine BCG SSI° powder + solvent for injectable suspension
Sanofi Pasteur MSD
(BCG vaccine)
For inadequate improvement in the packaging, that still contains 10 to 20 vaccine doses, and for the continued presence of a syringe with a graduation scale 10 or 20 times above the recommended dose, leading to a risk of overdose and adverse effects (la revue Prescrire 285).
Xylocaine° urethral gel
For keeping a prefilled syringe on the market which, if incorrectly opened, carries a risk of introducing plastic fragments into the urethra, potentially resulting in pain and bleeding (la revue Prescrire 288).
Umbrella brands comprise several products with different compositions but with brand names including a common stem. For example: Actifedduo° (pseudoephedrine + cetirizine) and Actifed jour et nuit° (tablets containing paracetamol + pseudoephedrine and others containing paracetamol + diphenhydramine).

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