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The Prescrire Packaging Awards
The Prescrire Drug Packaging Awards for 2019

Les Palmarès Prescrire En 2019, Prescrire examined the packaging of 173 pharmaceutical products. One drug  earned a Packaging Award. 34 Red Cards were handed out for substandard or dangerous packaging.

In 2019, a Prescrire Packaging Award was given to:

  • Isentress° granules for oral suspension (raltegravir)
    For the clear, informative "instructions for use" booklet inside the box of the paediatric form of this antiretroviral drug, now authorised for use in neonates. This booklet, provided in addition to the patient leaflet, contains a wealth of useful information to help prepare and administer the correct dose, and to prevent errors.

34 "Red Cards" pointing to a series of shortcomings and dangers were given out this year, under the headings:

  • Packaging for children: savings at the expense of safety
    • Firazyr° solution for subcutaneous injection (icatibant) 
    • Inovelon° oral suspension (rufinamide) 
    • Phosphoneuros° oral solution (phosphorus) 
    • Rotarix° oral suspension (rotavirus vaccine) 
    • Siklos° 100 mg and 1000 mg scored tablets (hydroxycarbamide)
  • Insufficient efforts to prevent ingestion by children
    • Alfa-Amylase Biogaran Conseil° and Maxilase Maux de Gorge°
      syrups (alpha-amylase)
    • Clarix Toux Sèche Adultes°, Clarix Toux Sèche Enfants° and Vicks Sirop Pectoral°  (pentoxyverine) 
    • Dolko° oral solution (paracetamol)
    • Nausicalm° syrup (dimenhydrinate)
    • Phénergan° syrup (promethazine)
    • Phosphoneuros° oral solution (phosphorus)
    • Potassium Liberty Pharma° syrup (potassium)
  • "Umbrella brands" that give insufficient prominence to INNs and dose strengths
    • Actifed LP Rhinite Allergique° tablets (cetirizine + pseudoephedrine), Actifed Rhume° tablets (paracetamol + pseudoephedrine + triprolidine), Actifed Rhume Jour et Nuit° tablets (paracetamol + pseudoephedrine or paracetamol + diphenhydramine)
    • Dolirhume° tablets (paracetamol + pseudoephedrine),
    • Dolirhumepro° tablets (paracetamol + pseudoephedrine or paracetamol + doxylamine)
    • Humex Rhume° tablets and hard capsules (paracetamol + pseudoephedrine or paracetamol + chlorphenamine)
    • Nurofen Rhume°, Rhinureflex° tablets (ibuprofen + pseudoephedrine)
    • Rhinadvil Rhume° tablets, Rhinadvilcaps Rhume° soft capsules (ibuprofen + pseudoephedrine)
    • Rhumagrip° tablets (paracetamol + pseudoephedrine)
  • Psychotropic oral suspension with a confusing, inaccurate dosing device
    • Deroxat° oral suspension (paroxetine)
  • Patient leaflets that understate the harms
    • Ellaone° tablet (ulipristal)
    • Entalgine° cutaneous gel (diclofenac)
    • Flurbiprofène Sandoz Conseil°, Strefen°, Strefen Sans Sucre° lozenges (flurbiprofen)
    • Rhinadvil Rhume° tablets (ibuprofen + pseudoephedrine)
    • Ipraféine° tablets (ibuprofen + caffeine)

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