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Outstanding Prescrire readers:
congratulations to the class of 2009

Thousands of health professionals demonstrate their ongoing commitment to self-financing reliable training.

The 960 pages of Prescrire French edition published annually, (not counting the Guide to avoiding adverse effects due to drug interactions, or the dozens of previously unpublished pages on the website www.prescrire.org) represent an abundant source of information for subscribers and a great deal to remember.

Each year since 1988, several thousand readers (3,571 this year) officially take part in Prescrire’s monthly Readers’ Test, a tool that enables them to verify that they have read and accurately memorised the most important points from each issue.

Throughout the year, those taking part in the Readers’ Test have to answer 110 sets of questions. Those who obtain 176 marks or more out of a possible score of 220 are nominated “Outstanding Prescrire Readers”. Their names are published in the December issue (and on the website: www.prescrire.org). This year 2,867 readers have been awarded this distinction.

Prescrire gives these Outstanding Prescrire Readers a certificate attesting to 40 hours of continuing education (plus a certificate and a sticker with the date). We arrived at the figure of 40 hours after a methodical evaluation of the workload represented by taking part in the Readers’ Test.

95% of participants in the Reading Test who responded to a questionnaire stated that this training is directly relevant to their practice as a health professional. A growing number of medical schools give credits to students who successfully complete the Prescrire Readers’ Test.

©Prescrire January 2009

Source: "2 867 Lecteurs émérites de la revue Prescrire Promotion 2009" Rev Prescrire 2008; 28 (302 supplement).

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