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Prescrire: transparency and independence

Prescrire is financed solely through subscriptions.

The accounts of Association Mieux Prescrire have been published in Prescrire, just as every year since 1992. The annual financial report was published in Prescrire’s French edition in March, and appears in English in the May issue of Prescrire International.

The Association Mieux Prescrire, a not-for-profit continuing education organisation, is the publisher of all Prescrire’s productions. The association’s bylaws define its aim as “To work, in all independence, in favour of quality healthcare, first and foremost in the interest of patients (...)”.

By publishing Prescrire’s accounts, we are setting a concrete example of the transparency that is so crucial in the healthcare arena, where commercial conflicts of interest are rife.

Association Mieux Prescrire is financed exclusively by the sale of subscriptions to our various publications: the journals Prescrire and Prescrire International, the Prescrire electronic library, programmes for continuing education and for improving professional practice. Prescrire is financed exclusively by paid subscribers, most of whom are practising or trainee healthcare professionals (29,102 paid subscribers in September 2010, rising to 31,807 by March 2011).

Prescrire is an educational and information-producing organisation that is fully independent, both from pharmaceutical companies and from health authorities.

This financial independence is essential in order to maintain true independence of thought.

Through Prescrire, healthcare professionals demonstrate that they are capable of financing an independent source of top-level continuing education, showing their commitment to quality care, in the interests of the patients who rely on them.

©Prescrire 1 May 2011

"The finances of Association Mieux Prescrire. 2010 Prescrire annual report" Prescrire Int 2011; 20 (116): 134-135. (pdf, free)

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