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Subscribers: get the most out of Prescrire online

Paid subscribers can log in to the Prescrire in English website for instant access to every article published in Prescrire International since 1992.

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The “Issue Contents” section includes an “All issues” feature that allows you to view the full table of contents for every single issue of Prescrire International. Registered subscribers can download any article from this vast storehouse of information. The full text of every article from the “New Products”, “Adverse Effects” and “Reviews” sections is available to subscribers online, up to a limit of 15 reserved texts per 24-hour period. In addition, a wealth of texts from the “Editorial” and “Outlook” sections and elsewhere are freely available to all.
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The Prescrire in English website includes a powerful Search function covering both articles published in Prescrire International and material published online. You can sort search results by relevance, date or media.
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Independent information you can trust
All the information published in Prescrire International and online at english.prescrire.org is produced by Prescrire’s editorial staff. Every member of the editorial staff, as well as Prescrire’s management, sign a yearly statement certifying that they have no conflicts of interest. Prescrire is a nonprofit continuing education organisation which accepts no advertising, no grants and has no ties to industry or government. The information you get is entirely independent. Every text published in Prescrire has been painstakingly researched and reviewed by a panel of specialised healthcare professionals. All texts are supported by complete bibliographical references, included in the PDFs available for download.
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The online registration system for subscribers has been simplified, to make it easier for you to get online access to information from Prescrire.
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