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The 2012 "Prescrire Encounters" to be held 25 and 26 May in Angers, France: working together in the name of better healthcare

Rencontres PrescrireThe "Rencontres Prescrire 2012" will be held in Angers, France on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May 2012. The event will be conducted in French, but European and international participants are encouraged to attend, and to contribute their experiences and viewpoints.

In order to provide better care, it is often said that it is essential to work together... Always? Why? How?

This will be the theme of the next Rencontres Prescrire, to be held on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May 2012 in Angers, in France's Loire region.

The subjects to be discussed are many: cooperation between healthcare practitioners and patients; integrated care; group practices; initial or continuing education that crosses the lines between professions; mutual knowledge and understanding;sharing and transmitting information; shared decision-making, communication, and respective responsibilities.

As with the preceding editions, the 2012 event will be a friendly gathering, including: an exhibition of posters presenting participants' work as it relates to the theme; a programme of shared encounters including plenary sessions and workshops.

Devoted to exchanges and sharing, the Rencontres Prescrire 2012 will also be the ideal opportunity to meet the members of the Prescrire team (documentary researchers, editors, technicians, managers, sales staff, etc) as well as the members of the other teams involved in preparing this event.

See the link below for more information (in French) on the programme, the plenary sessions, the workshops, the poster exhibition, registration details and practical information.

The organising team
The Rencontres Prescrire 2012 will be organised by the Prescrire team, with the participation of the department of general medicine of the Université d’Angers medical school, of Angers' ISSBA institute (Institut supérieur de la santé et des bioproduits d'Angers), and of the pharmacy department of the UFR of pharmaceutical science and health engineering.

Good to know!
The 2012 special summer edition of La Revue Prescrire, as well as the prescrire.org web site, will carry on the work begun at the event, by publishing the presentations delivered, along with  references, posters, etc.

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