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Pharmacovigilance: the contribution of France's regional centres

France's annual event "Les journées françaises de pharmacovigilance" allows a glimpse into the adverse effects reports gathered by the country's regional pharmacovigilance centres, and into the country's national database of pharmacovigilance information. Information that is useful for improving patient care.

The analysis of spontaneous reports of adverse effects by regional pharmacovigilance centres is an important component of robust pharmacovigilance, as was demonstrated by the 36th annual "Journées françaises de pharmacovigilance" (French Pharmacovigilance Days).

Several of the subjects covered are of practical interest, and constitute a response to adverse effect reports that will encourage reporting by healthcare professionals and by patients.

Here are a few examples:

  • Online reporting of adverse effects: facilitates and increases reporting
  • Extravasation of drugs administered by drip: damage is not limited to cancer drugs
  • Reasons for discontinuation of infliximab
  • Tendinopathy with ofloxacine ear drops
  • Optic neuropathy with anti-TNF alpha
  • Fluoroquinolones and suicide
  • Quetiapine: misuse and abuse
  • Folic acid and pregnancy: insufficient information
  • Imatinib: muscle pain suggesting withdrawal syndrome
  • Confusion between Efient° and Effizinc°: one death

For more details (in French) click HERE.

Several of these texts will be translated into English for publication in Prescrire International in the coming months.  

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Source: "Trente-sixième journées françaises de pharmacovigilance : les faits marquants 2015" Rev Prescrire 2015; 35 (385): 824-830. 

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