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"Adaptive licensing": the European Medicines Agency's unwise proposals

Pilule d'Or PrescrireUnder the guise of speeding up access to new drugs, the European Medicines Agency is planning to carve up the marketing authorisation process, compromising the pre-marketing evaluation of new drugs, especially the evaluation of harms. A discussion-debate (in French) on this topic will be organised by independent medical journal Prescrire on Thursday 28 January 2016, from 9.45am on, at the Espace Saint-Martin in Paris.

Around a presentation by Ancel.la Santos Quintano, Policy advisor, Health Action International (HAI) Europe, Amsterdam,

The discussion-debate will be coordinated by Teresa Alves, International policy advisor, Prescrire.

It will be followed by the annual awards ceremony announcing the 2015 Prescrire Awards for drugs, drug packaging and drug information.

If you wish to attend this event, please send an e-mail requesting an invitation to:


> Map for the location of the discussion-debate

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