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Healthcare professionals: building relationships for quality care

The special summer issue of the independent French medical journal La revue Prescrire offers subscribers a "ramble" in search of better care: mapping out one's practice, moving forward safely, enlarging one's field of vision.

In its August 2016 edition, La revue Prescrire has published a collection of texts that is both light-hearted and serious, challenging healthcare professionals to think about the "fundamentals" of their practice.

Principles that are quite simple in the end: having the freedom to think and to act with, and for the benefit of, others – practitioners and patients alike – and respecting others' lives and opinions. Not losing sight of just who we are working for: patients. And working together to arrive at a decision with the patient, using a pragmatic approach based on solid evidence. To make the best decision, for each patient.

This special edition includes an opening section devoted to some values that are useful day-to-day, rather akin to markers or signposts that point towards the ultimate goal of better care for patients: choosing what and whom to depend upon, working together, being pragmatic.

The second section highlights a few principles that help healthcare professionals to safely interpret the available scientific evidence.

The third section encourages healthcare professionals to question the foundations that underpin their thinking, their knowledge, and to broaden their points of view.

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"Bâtir des relations de soins : Une randonnée par étapes" Rev Prescrire 2016; 36 (394). View the table of contents (Free, in French)

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