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Learn more about Prescrire International, an independent, monthly journal written by and for healthcare professionals

 ABOUT PRESCRIRE  Prescrire International is a monthly journal of selected texts translated from the French journal Prescrire. The editors have put together a free special edition to provide you with a sample of the type of articles you will find in every issue.

Prescrire was founded in 1981 by a team of French doctors, pharmacologists and pharmacists to provide independent, reliable and relevant information on drugs and other therapeutic and diagnostic interventions. Presently, around 28,000 French-speaking healthcare professionals subscribe to Prescrire. The French and English editions are both published by the non-profit organisation "Association Mieux Prescrire".

Reliable and relevant content
Prescrire has the editorial and research capabilities necessary to ensure the accuracy of its reviews. Prescrire's editors are healthcare professionals, specially trained in Prescrire's editorial methods and free from conflicts of interest. Exacting quality control procedures are applied to all editorial content.

The choice of independence
Prescrire and Prescrire International are wholly financed by subscriptions, and receive no revenue from advertising or grants. This ensures complete editorial independence and publications which are composed entirely of valuable information on every page. Editorial choices are guided solely by their usefulness to healthcare professionals in daily contact with patients.

The main sections include:

    Comparative assessments of new drugs and new indications. The Prescrire team systematically appraises all the available evidence, including unpublished data. Prescrire’s unique rating system shows you the therapeutic advantage of a new drug or new indication at a glance.
    A balanced view of the latest data on suspected or confirmed adverse drug effects, collected from many published and unpublished sources all over the world.
    Assessments of therapeutic strategies as well as treatment recommendations for effective care based on the best available evidence
    Key issues in healthcare policy and regulatory affairs, including corporate influence and other conflicts of interest.

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