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In the March issue of Prescrire International: Dengue vaccine (Dengvaxia°). Not for large-scale use

FREE DOWNLOAD Dengvaxia°, a vaccine containing live attenuated viruses expressing antigens of the 4 known dengue virus serotypes, has been granted marketing authorisation in the European Union. How do Prescrire's editors rate this vaccine's harm-benefit balance?
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  •  NOTHING NEW  The dengue vaccine reduced the incidence of dengue, including severe forms, in children living in endemic areas. However, this vaccine is unsuitable for mass immunisation in endemic areas as of 2019, because it can increase the risk of severe dengue in persons not previously infected with dengue virus. Yet no test suitable for routine screening and proven to possess the required performance characteristics is available to identify these children. In practice, the only population in which the harm-benefit balance of this dengue vaccine appears favourable is children for whom there is documented evidence of positive serological testing at the time of a prior infection. Its efficacy appears to wane over time and the benefit of a booster dose has not been evaluated. As of 2019, the prevention of dengue relies above all on vector control in endemic areas, and personal protection against mosquito bites..

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"Dengue vaccine (Dengvaxia°). Not for large-scale use" Prescrire Int 2020; 29 (213): 66. (Pdf, free).

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