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In the April issue of Prescrire International: Denosumab (Prolia°) and steroid-induced osteoporosis

FREE DOWNLOAD Denosumab (Prolia°) has an unfavourable harm-benefit balance in the prevention of osteoporotic fractures. It has also been authorised in the prevention of osteoporosis induced by prolonged corticosteroid therapy. How do Prescrire's editors rate denosumab in this situation?
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Prescrire's rating

  •  NOT ACCEPTABLE  Denosumab has not been shown to prevent clinical fractures, but it has many adverse effects that can be severe or even fatal, including deep infections, hypocalcaemia, osteonecrosis and multiple vertebral fractures after discontinuation.

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Full text available for free download.

"Denosumab (Prolia°) and steroid-induced osteoporosis" Prescrire Int 2020; 29 (214): 95. (Pdf, free).

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Prescrire's rating:
Prescrire's rating
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