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Tebentafusp (Kimmtrak°) in metastatic uveal melanoma

 Marketing Authorisations   Tebentafusp, a fusion protein consisting of a T cell receptor fused to an anti-CD3 antibody fragment, has been authorised in the European Union for the treatment of metastatic or inoperable uveal melanoma, in HLA-A*02:01-positive patients. About half of the population of western Europe are HLA-A*02:01-positive. Does tebentafusp extend survival in this situation? And what are its adverse effects?
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Source: "Tebentafusp (Kimmtrak°) in metastatic uveal melanoma. Median survival extended by a few months, according to fragile data" Prescrire Int 2023; 32 (253): 257-259. Subscribers only.

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