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Discussion-debate : "Is too much cancer screening hazardous to your health? The example of breast cancer"

Prix Prescrire 2011Peter Gøtzsche, a world-renowned expert in the systematic review of clinical trial data, has for many years been studying the question of breast cancer screening. He came to the ceremony for the "Prescrire Prize" book awards in Paris on 4 October 2012 to present his analysis of the limited benefits of such screening, and the real and frequent harms that it causes.

All too often, the limitations and the adverse effects of breast cancer screening are not mentioned in the public campaigns urging women to participate in screening, most notably in France. This means that women are not able to make fully informed choices.

Until now, the debate over the appropriateness of organised breast cancer screening was more a matter of convictions than of well-substantiated positions.

For Prescrire, it is high time, in France and elsewhere, to go beyond the petty bickering and the sterile controversy, too often tinged with emotion, irrationality and even bad faith. To decide whether organised screening for breast cancer is appropriate or not, it is time to rely upon clinical evaluation data and to weigh the pros and the cons with women, who are the most closely concerned parties, with healthcare professionals and with public health "decision-makers". Without prejudices, in public, and in all transparency, and without fear of exposing the uncertainties that surround any health-related decision.

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 VIDEO  "Trop dépister les
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L'exemple des cancers du sein".
Conférence-débat du
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