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Prescrire's ratings system: new drugs and indications, at a glance

 ABOUT PRESCRIRE  Behind the annual Prescrire Awards, Prescrire's editors work year-round to assess whether or not new drugs and indications represent a therapeutic advance for patients. Ranging from "Bravo" to "Not Acceptable", Prescrire's ratings sum up the result of a unique, collective editorial process.

Reviews are produced according to a rigorous, evidence-based procedure by members of Prescrire's Editorial Staff, all specially trained healthcare professionals who sign an annual declaration of absence of conflicts of interest.

Here is a guide to what these ratings mean. This guide is also printed in the "New Products" section of each issue of Prescrire International.

Our judgement is based on the therapeutic advance of the new product. It considers not only the inherent value of each product in terms of its harm-benefit balance, but also its advantages and disadvantages relative to existing products available in France. Note that the relative value of new products can vary from one country to another.

Prescrire's ratings


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