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In the April issue of Prescrire International - Drugs in 2018: a brief overview

FREE DOWNLOAD In 2018, 99 new products or new indications were reviewed and rated in our French edition. Of the 35 that were deemed to advance patient care, 13 constituted a notable advance and 22 were rated "Possibly helpful", while 50 drugs were judged to be "nothing new".
Full text available for free download.


  • In 2018, 13 of the 99 new drugs, new dosages, new pharmaceutical forms or new indications analysed in our French edition constituted a notable therapeutic advance.
  • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) sets the bar too low, especially for the evaluation of cancer drugs.
  • The list of toxic, insufficiently evaluated drugs for multiple sclerosis continues to grow.
  • "Orphan" drug status is particularly lucrative for pharmaceutical companies, yet only a minority of the new drugs or new indications with this status that we analysed in 2018 constituted a notable advance for patients.
  • A recap of Prescrire's ratings of new drugs over the past 10 years is available > HERE

Full text available for free download.

©Prescrire 1 April 2019

"Drugs in 2018: a brief overview" Prescrire Int 2019; 28 (203): 105-107. (Pdf, free).

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