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In the June issue of Prescrire International - Treatment of scabies: 5% permethrin cream or oral ivermectin?

FREE DOWNLOAD In patients with scabies, topical application of 5% permethrin cream and oral ivermectin have a similar harm-benefit balance. How do these two treatment options stack up?
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  • According to a meta-analysis of six randomised trials, including a total of about 600 patients with scabies, 5% permethrin cream seems to be more rapidly effective than oral ivermectin.
  • Two weeks after treatment, the cure rates are similar.
  • Uncertainties surround the risks associated with their use in women who are or may be pregnant, and in young children. Their transfer into breast milk should be taken into account.

Full text available for free download.

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"Treatment of scabies. 5% permethrin cream or oral ivermectin" Prescrire Int 2019; 28 (205): 161. (Pdf, free).

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