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"Faces of Mediator", a new book published by Prescrire

Les Visages du Mediator It was after seeing the French film "La Fille de Brest", an adaptation of the book by pulmonologist and whistle-blower Irène Frachon, that the photographer Marc Dantan first got the idea of taking portraits of the victims of Mediator° (benfluorex), in the hope that "bringing faces into the light could perhaps raise awareness of the silent suffering". That was the beginning of this book, which presents in 208 pages some 180 photographs, along with a foreword by Irène Frachon, a summary of the history of the Mediator° disaster, and an afterword by Prescrire. Texts in French and English.



Les Visages du Mediator

Portraits that are both sensitive and powerful

Publishing "Visages du Mediator" ("Faces of Mediator"), a book in French and English that is at once sensitive, powerful and balanced, is perfectly in line with Prescrire's actions to inform and to raise awareness, in the name of ensuring that all patients have access to quality healthcare.

Prescrire will turn over any profits generated by the sale of this book to the "Solidarity Support Programme", which helps healthcare professionals in countries with insufficient financial resources, and those training to become healthcare professionals, to obtain quality, independent information.

208 pages - 195 x 265 mm - Texts in French and English - 24.50 euros

"Visages du Mediator" ("Faces of Mediator"),
with texts in French and English, is available at Prescrire's
online bookstore (transaction details in French)

"Visages du Mediator" ("Faces of Mediator")
is also available for purchase on amazon.co.uk

©Prescrire 1 October 2019

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