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The finances of Association Mieux Prescrire: 2023 annual report

  Outlook   Association Mieux Prescrire, the legal entity that publishes Prescrire's journals and continuing education programmes, makes its accounts public every year. The summary of its 2023 annual financial report is publicly available here.
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Association Mieux Prescrire (AMP) is the legal entity that publishes Prescrire's journals and continuing education programmes. AMP is a non-profit organisation governed by the French law of 1901, the legal structure best suited to preserving Prescrire's independence among those available in France as of 2024, and one that aligns with our objective of standing with healthcare professionals to serve patients' interests.

All of Prescrire's activities are funded by subscriptions. It receives no revenue from advertising, grants, subsidies or sponsors, and has no shareholders. In other words, Prescrire relies solely on the sales of its publications and educational programmes. As a non-profit organisation engaged in commercial activities, AMP is subject to the regulations governing taxation and employment in France. Every year, AMP submits its budgets to its Board and General Assembly for approval. AMP publishes a summary of its annual financial report every year, which is freely available on its French and English websites: www.prescrire.org and english.prescrire.org.

During the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the lives of health professionals, in France and worldwide, continued to be affected by the crisis in public hospitals and primary care; the economic and social crisis, and high inflation; uncertainty and tensions in society; etc. It is important to take this challenging context into account in order to put the data presented in the accompanying figures into perspective.

Prescrire pressed on with its primary mission during the year: to produce reliable, easily accessed information of immediate use to health professionals, and to make it available to subscribers. With the same fundamental objective as always: high-quality health care, putting patients' interests first.

In March 2023, the option of a digital-only subscription to our French edition was launched, made possible by the fact that our website, prescrire.org, and our mobile app Application Prescrire obtained official recognition as an online press service.

Outreach activities by members of the Prescrire team in medical, pharmacy and nursing faculties and at professional events enabled us to discuss informational needs in person with current and future health professionals and to gather actionable feedback.

The figures show a balanced budget for 2022-2023. This situation allows Prescrire to continue to develop new services for health professionals, and to adapt these services even better to the realities of their professional lives.

As in previous years, our biggest expenses were editorial costs (i.e. the production of articles) and documentation. Digital investments account for an increasing proportion of our budget. Spending on these items is essential to Prescrire's ability to remain robust in its analyses, reliable, relevant, responsive and proactive.

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Source: "The finances of Association Mieux Prescrire: 2023 annual report" Prescrire Int 2024; 33 (260): 165. Free.

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