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Advancing healthcare policy

The Medicines in Europe Forum: actions by the network

Medicines in Europe Forum: Overview

Europe et Médicament   The European legislative framework impacts the level of guarantees afforded to citizens of the European Union in terms of the quality and safety of their healthcare. It is certainly too sensitive a matter to give free rein to vested interests.

The Medicines in Europe Forum, founded in March 2002, is an informal network representing four major groups of stakeholders in the healthcare arena: groups representing patients and victims of medical interventions; consumers and healthcare system users; healthcare professionals; and health insurance providers.

Collaborative analysis
The Medicines in Europe Forum produces analyses of draft legislation and proposes improvements based on structured reflection and thoroughly documented in-depth research.

Over the past several years, the Medicines in Europe Forum has taken part in numerous public consultations or joint policy positions alongside other organisations or groupings of organisations, in France and at the European level.

Amongst the organisations the MiEF joins forces with on a regular basis are the ISDB (International Society of Drug Bulletins), HAI (Health Action International), the Nordic Cochrane Centre, Milan's Mario Negri Institute, the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines, BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation), EPHA (European Public Health Alliance), etc.

The areas of intervention include: ensuring the transparency and independence of drug regulatory authorities, of the rules for granting marketing authorisation, and of pharmacovigilance; drug pricing; etc. In France, the Medicines in Europe Forum has called for the creation of a fund to compensate the victims of adverse drug effects, acting alongside victims' groups.

A source of proposals for improving health policy
The Forum analyses draft legislation in detail, anticipates and explains any potential dangers they pose for patients, proposes alternatives, meets with Members of Parliament, highlights the potential consequences to Member States’ health ministers and European Commission departments, and organises public debates. Its sustained, rigorous campaigns are often rewarded with success.

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